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Because I haven’t updated for a while (and because I’m so nice), here’s another post.
Aren’t archers so cool? And aren’t foxes so cute (or should I say Kawaii)? I went for the ‘wild’ (stated by title above) look because, yeah. I felt like it. The girl’s eyes are supposed to look like that and all of those whiskers. Again, the pose was copied off my book (hey, I’m still learning) and the hair was not my invention? Is that right? Anyway, the clothes were originated off the original picture (surprise, surprise) but I made a few alterations such as lowering the dress and changed the sword into a bow and arrow, with a quiver on her leg. Naruto inspiration for the win (or just Naruto FTW)!
I also like foxes and so practically ripped off Nintendo for their design of a fox (Vulpix) with a few alterations (did you expect anything less?).

Wowee. That’s a lot of parentheses in one post. FYI (for your information), the girl is Yuki and her fox is Miyu.

Yuki and Miyu - May 2014
Yuki and Miyu – May 2014


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