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Howdy y’all,

This is a blog! Who would have thought… Anyway, the reason I made this was just ‘Why not?’. Oh, and so you guys can see my latest drawings and story (ies?). You can also add your own stuff such as poetry, stories, recounts of funny events, post pics or whatever. The main point is to have fun!

Anything you want seen, or any suggestions are welcome. Always. I made this blog mainly for my pictures but I would love to add anything else anyone wants. There’s no point in having a blog that no one wants to read.

If you feel like it’s too confusing to navigate, please tell me so! The last thing I want is for everyone to have a hard time finding anything. Honestly.

Also, don’t feel afraid to point out any grammatical errors or spelling.


My Current Signature – 2014

At first glance, my signature may appear odd but shortly following is theory behind its existence.

The basic shape is a rhombus otherwise known as a tilted square (the common friend to the drunken). This symbolises my new motto ‘The Square of Life’. This means that in life, there are infinite challenges (the corners) and you have to go through them to get where you want to go (going around the corners).
Then there’s the two letters. They are simply ‘C’ and ‘P’, standing for ‘Chell Pröhm’ who is of course me. This signature will probably change later but that’s what I came up with and I’m pretty happy with it.

I think that’s all,
Chell out

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