Brothers can be Useful (sometimes)

Mothers too…

Howdy y’all,

My brother is very useful to have around when you want to make a professional blog. He does a lot of the technical stuff and other things that I have no idea about. Luckily, or he’d have nothing going for him! Haha, I know that wasn’t very nice. Sorry Nestor.

Anyway, my brother really wanted me to mention him because I don’t know, popularity? He helped to do the favicon (that’s the icon on that tab above) which made it look professional.

My Mum also helps a lot. For instance, when I say scanned the pictures, what I really mean is that my Mum scanned the pictures when I asked nicely. Ahh, good times. She also fixed up the pictures to make them smaller and load faster.

Now that I think about it, I don’t really do anything, all I do is post the stuff ^^;
Although I could probably learn all of that… Hmmm, better start, or procrastinate because I have school work to do… So much procrastination and so little time. The pleasures of life.

That is all,
Chell out

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