I Wanna be an Idol~!

Howdy y’all!

Today I borrowed a book titled Kodomo Manga from the library (shock. horror) about drawing (unsurprisingly) kodomo manga. For those of you who don’t know what on earth that is, please allow me to explain.

As the book describes:
‘Kodomo’ is a Japanese word that means ‘kid’. However, in Japan it is also used to refer to any tale or illustration made for children, between six and twelve years old.

Thus, kodomo manga literally means ‘comic or tale for kids’.

So my mission is to draw as much as I can from this book, and hopefully learn a few things like how in hell I’m supposed to draw hands -.- I’m quite happy with this one, apart from…the ginormous hands. I swear, I drew them exactly like the book did, too! :/ Ah well 🙂

Welp, here’s hoping to decent-looking pictures ^H^

As always, enjoy!

Idol – 11 Jul 2015

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