Just A Comparison~

Howdy y’all!

Huzzah for drawing tablets that come with awesome software!!!
Huzzah for me actually drawing for the first time since god knows when!!!
Huzzah for looking back at old work and realising just how limited Inkscape is!!!!!

Well, I bet you’re all confused, sitting there in you comfy PJs…sipping hot chocolate…. because goddammit it’s winter and boy is it cold TT^TT (unless, of course, you’re up in the northern hemisphere, to which I say “Lucky you” T^T)

But enough complaining, because now is the time to CELEBRATE!!
Yes, you heard me correctly~ Time to party hard until the cows come home, or so the saying goes 🙂

Anyhow, to get an idea of what I mean by ‘limited’ I’ll show you some chibis I did a while back on Inkscape.

Chibi Kaoki
Chibi Kaoki – March 2015
Chibi Kiel
Chibi Kiel – March 2015
Chibi Ryo
Chibi Ryo – March 2015


Granted, they aren’t bad. Not at all. However, they could be so much better. And I mean so much better -.-

Now, compare these to my latest artworks:

Chibi Teto
Chibi Teto – 9th July 2015
Chibi Phaesri
Chibi Phaesri – 9th July 2015


See the difference?

For one, using any raster program allows for that more ‘sketched’ look, which I have always liked. Inkscape, being a vector program, never let me do that. I was very sad. So sad, that not even this emoticon can show just how sad I was: -> 🙁

Anyhow, that’s all I have to say 😀


PS: Just randomly, have some other drawing I drew on Inkscape some time back. It was probably the last one I ever did XD
Welp, it’s Stitch 😀

Stitch – June 2015










PPS: Looks like I was wrong, I found another one XD I did this one for my profile on dA. After just one month, I changed it to my chibi Phaesri. Well done me. And it took me forever to do too -.-
Oh, and by the way, that’s supposed to be a self portrait ^^;

dA ID – June 2015

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