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Today was not the most productive of days. I woke up at nine in the morning, but I simply could not find a reason to get out of bed. So instead I watched the clouds fly by outside my window. Clouds are strange. They are simply moving masses of water particles and yet I feel oddly relaxed while watching them…

I fell back asleep.



Master took me to see the local graveyard today. I didn’t understand what was so special about it. It was just a place full of dead people.

Master said that we must respect those who lived before us, and that walking over their graves was not the best of ideas. I wasn’t to know that.

There were a lot of graves. And although most of them were fairly new, most of them were in a large state of disrepair.

Some graves were impressive, however, having stood against the test of time and I suppose I can respect that. Most of them were broken though – slabs of concrete and tombstones shattered across the grave.

There was a large amount of dead children. I was surprised by this as I thought only old people died. But my master told me that in the past, life expectancy was short and that many children died because they were more susceptible to disease. I just think they’re weak. Not like me.
The master scolded me, saying that I should consider myself lucky that I live in a time of better hygiene and medicines. I said I don’t, because I am only a figment of the master’s imagination. The master had nothing to say to that.