Chibi Toothless~!

Howdy y’all!

Everybody loves Toothless the dragon, am I right?
Well, because I can, I drew him in chibi form, and you know what they say about sometimes simplicity is best? Well, I think this is a fine example, don’t you agree? I mean, who needs a really awesomely detailed dragon, when you can have this? I mean, I know which one I would pick XD

Not much else to add… uh… I like cheese? No, wait.. that was a lie. 😀 I actually like Brussel sprouts ;P

On that random note, enjoy~!

Chibi Toothless
Chibi Toothless – 9th July 2015

Chibi Friends~

Howdy y’all!

You know how in my last post I talked about a drawing I did to ‘adopt’ a dragon? No? Yes? Maybe??

Well, despite whether you recall or not, it’s here. But, as always, some boring text comes before the big reveal 🙂

So, as some of you know, I do a lot of roleplaying.
An awful lot.
Probably too much ^^;
I should probably stop…

Anyhow, as you will soon see, my character (Kiel) is one the left and my friend’s (Xander) is on the right.

I suppose you would like some backstory for the characters? Well, Kiel Marro is a 16-year-old who has the ability to control the shadows. Problem is that the shadows have minds of their own, and can (and do) turn on Kiel at any given time. Because of this semi-controllable ability, Kiel tends to stay away from people, afraid of inflicting harm to them. He’s also just not a people person XD

Xander is a 14-year-old demon prince of Hell, also known as Prince Envy. Though he doesn’t sound it, he is extremely adorable. He’s one of the only demons who are kind (his older brother, Keno, being the other), however he puts on airs as a rude, terrible, mean person, and overall just someone who you don’t want to meet.
He does this to gain attention, as all the other demons are either scared of him (being the prince and heir to the throne, and all) or they ignore him (these people being his family) because of his natural-born kind personality.

Anyhow, I’m sure I’ve bored you all to tears by now, and I bet that you scrolled to the bottom of this post to actually look at the picture. You did, didn’t you?
Ah well. Here you go then:

Oh, and just so you know, ‘Bird’ and ‘Xan-xan’ are their pet names for each other 😀 No prizes for guessing which is which ;P
And just a reminder: Kiel (left) and Xander (right)

…dat apple tho…

Bir dand Xan-xan
Bird and Xan-xan – 9th July 2015

Chibi Dragon?

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a while since I last drew a dragon. I wonder why? I actually do legitimately wonder why…
I think it was because I started to draw in the manga art style to help me improve my drawing skills, which is cool and all, but in the hopes that learning how to draw people would help me to draw a completely different species such as dragons? Just what was running through my head??
But regardless of how weirdly my trains of thought run, it appears that over time, I have forgotten the reason as to why I stopped drawing dragons… I don’t understand myself sometimes…. Anyone would think that I would continue to draw the one thing I love most (apart from Japan and any Japan-related stuff), regardless of how crap I am at doing aforementioned thing.
Someone hit me over the head already -.-

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway~ Back to topic:
On dA, I ‘adopted’ a dragon in return for a drawing (which you will be seeing in the next post). Still testing out the kinks in my digital drawing, I decided to chibitise (is that even a word? Meh, it is now XD) the dragon.

For a basic chibi, it turned out fine for once. But I hope to become better soon so that I can do really professional looking ones 🙂 You should see some of the stuff on dA! Gosh, they make you want to crawl underneath your bed and never want to see the light of day again. They’re too good TT^TT.

Anyhow, this li’l cutie’s name is Aisha… She is also a female… just in case you were wondering… 😀


Aisha – 11 July 2015

I Wanna be an Idol~!

Howdy y’all!

Today I borrowed a book titled Kodomo Manga from the library (shock. horror) about drawing (unsurprisingly) kodomo manga. For those of you who don’t know what on earth that is, please allow me to explain.

As the book describes:
‘Kodomo’ is a Japanese word that means ‘kid’. However, in Japan it is also used to refer to any tale or illustration made for children, between six and twelve years old.

Thus, kodomo manga literally means ‘comic or tale for kids’.

So my mission is to draw as much as I can from this book, and hopefully learn a few things like how in hell I’m supposed to draw hands -.- I’m quite happy with this one, apart from…the ginormous hands. I swear, I drew them exactly like the book did, too! :/ Ah well 🙂

Welp, here’s hoping to decent-looking pictures ^H^

As always, enjoy!

Idol – 11 Jul 2015

Phaesri is Now Digital~!

Howdy y’all!

Guess what happened to me? I got my very first drawing tablet!!! Huzzah!
Ever since I took the liberty of waiting for hours on end for the thing to install, I haven’t stopped using it! It’s just so fun!!

Anyhow, you guys will be wanting to see the latest picture, yes?
Well, this is a chibi of my internet persona: Phaesri. And I have got to say, I am so super pleased with this one, that I can’t even fault it for anything! And that’s a major achievement, let me tell you!

Not much to say on this one, other than expect to see more soon!
The more I look at her, the more I love it XD

Chibi Phaesri
Chibi Phaesri – 9th July 2015

Shy Girl Sketch

Howdy y’all,

This one is a bit different. I only used 2B pencil with the outline drawn in thin permanent marker (so professional).

As usual, I copied someone else’s work (do I have no imagination >O> ?) BUT! As usual (again) I altered some parts of the head majorly. I made the hair not as poofy, the eyes I changed a bit to made her look more shy and cute. And  those glasses? The original didn’t even have glasses! Don’t you think the glasses just made her more adorable? And for once, my picture looks better than the original! I am so super proud ^D^
Because I’m so brave I’ll give you a comparison: (please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, please don’t…)

Comparison to Shy Girl Sketch
Comparison to Shy Girl Sketch
Shy Girl Sketch - September 2014
Shy Girl Sketch


I came across the original when I was looking for, wait for it, kissing couples as I know how much you all loved my ‘oscillating couple’ as shown below. I’m thinking of drawing another couple so if you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to say so!

Couple Osculating - March 2014
Couple Osculating – March 2014






And as we come to the end of another post, here is the thing we have all been waiting for: the large version of the drawing as I have already shown you it as a comparison. Who doesn’t love a big picture of a scanned drawing?

Shy Girl Sketch - September 2014
Shy Girl Sketch – September 2014

Fan Art – Fruits Basket: Kyo

Howdy y’all,

Following up on my recent Fruits Basket slight obsession, as well as Stephanie’s request, I drew Kyo Sohma. God he is so awesome, especially at the end of the manga…

In the アニメ (anime), Kyo’s bracelet is black with white beads and in the まんが (manga), the beads are red and pink (SPOILER ALERT not really) bones. Since Steph’s only seen the Anime, I decided to go with the black and white (anyway, red and pink don’t suit him).

I guess I should write a bit of background on him, and Fruits Basket while I’m at it…
Fruits Basket (aka Furuba) centres on Tohru Honda and the 12 Zodiacs. The Sohma family is ‘cursed’ to turn into their form of Zodiac creature when hugged by the opposite sex or are weak. For example Kyo is the Cat and turns into this form when a girl (like Tohru) hugs him.
At the start of the manga/anime Kyo is a person who gets riled up quite easily and I just loved this personality. Later in the manga, his flames get lower and lower and becomes a mature man. He can also make very good  おにぎり (onigiri, rice balls)…

If you love Kyo, then you have to watch Fruits Basket to support him~ (nudge nudge, wink wink)

Kyo Sohma - September 2014
Kyo Sohma – September 2014

Chinese Zodiac Gijinka: Rabbit

Howdy y’all,

After watching, then reading, Fruits Basket I just had to make up my own Zodiac of people! Even though the Rat is technically the first animal on the Chinese Zodiac, I decided since the majority of my friends were born in the year of the Rabbit, I would do the Rabbit first.

To create this character, I first went onto a whole bunch of sites explaining (supposedly) what a person’s characteristics would be being born in that specific year. I didn’t take these to heart but I couldn’t resist looking at the year of the Dragon!

After having decided on the personality, I went onto designing their hair. Hair, to me, makes a manga/anime person recognisable. If everyone had the same hair but different clothes, I’m pretty sure I would have a hard time identifying who was who.
So after choosing the hairstyle and colour, I made a wardrobe of clothes that would suit the characteristics of my gijinka. I went onto the internet to look up real life clothes (as opposed to drawn clothes)  to give me an idea of how to draw them. For the Rabbit, I gave him overalls (the fashionable ones, not the working ones) and a bucket hat. I just looove bucket hats. They’re sooo cute!

Anyway, after being tortured by me explaining the drawing process, without further ado here is my Rabbit. The Fruits Basket equivalent is Momiji (the cute half German-half Japanese blonde below). Guess how old he is!

Momiji Sohma - The Rabbit
Momiji Sohma – The Rabbit









I really need to come up with a name for my Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Gijinka: Rabbit - September 2014
Chinese Zodiac Gijinka: Rabbit – September 2014

Horse Rider

Howdy y’all,

This upload was a request from a friend of mine. When I asked her “What would you like me to draw?”, she simply answered “A horse”.
How could I possibly draw a manga horse when manga is a comic style of drawing, mainly of people? And so hence the greatest challenge since getting man into the sky.
Following this was a tale so great and epic that I can’t translate it into words, but it involved a lot of research (watching anime), a lot of drawing and rubbing out (my eraser disappeared into nothingness), and a lot of time (two hours).
And here is the final result!

Horse Rider - August 2014
Horse Rider – August 2014